Chile vs Honduras

Chile vs Honduras World Cup 2018 Live Blog: Results, Scores and Analysis

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Chile vs Honduras

NELSPRUIT, SOUTH AFRICA РJUNE 16: Chile fans enjoy the atmosphere ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group H match between Honduras and Chile at the Mbombela Stadium on June 16, 2010 in Nelspruit, Final Thoughts РChile got their first World Cup win in almost 50 years. Congratulations to the squad and all their fans; that is a very long wait.

Chile are a team to watch throughout the tournament, as they epitomize attacking play.

My man of the match would have to be Alexis Sanchez of Chile. He was the most consistently dangerous player on the field and was likely the most entertaining for the fans as well.

Keep blowing your plastic horn, I mean, Vuvuzela and cheering on your team.

92′ – I have been pretty impressed with Gonzalez since he came in the game. A couple good long-range strikes have kept the Honduran keeper on his toes.

Chile vs Honduras Live Stream Football

89′ – This World Cup must be cursed for goals. Chile has been the most offensively committed side I have watched, and they only have one goal to show for it. They may not be as talented and creative as Germany, Argentina, or Brazil, but they make up for it in sheer numbers pushed forward.

87′ – Mark Gonzalez comes in for Valdivia. Looks like Valdivia might be limping a little. Hopefully its not serious, as that would be a huge blow for Chile in games to come.

84′ – Honduras has picked up the possession game in the second half. It is only 58-42 in favor of Chile now. Not exactly a cause to celebrate, but it IS a start.

83′ – I take back my point about Martinez’ braids matching his uniform. They accentuate it. They appear to be African colors, not Honduran. Apparently, I am color blind.

81′ – Vidal comes off for Contreras. Chilean fans give him a salute with a hearty droning of the vuvuzela.

79′ – Honduras seems to be devoid of offense at this point. It is not looking good for them.

77′ – Honduras is taking off Nunez for Walter Martinez. We have a winner for best hairstyle of the match. Martinez has beads that match his uniform; FashionTV would be proud.

76′ – Vidal just unleashed yet another screaming long shot that the Honduran keeper had trouble handling.

74′ – Chile definitely miss Humberto Suazo. They really are having trouble finishing in the box.

71′ – Jorge Valdivia is down with an “injury.” Apparently, his leg is about to be amputated, or at least that’s the way he’s making it look.

69′ – The Honduran counterattack makes Ronaldinho’s dentist look competent. I can’t figure out who coached them to slow up when they’re on a quick break or have a numbers advantage. It has been the major failing for them in the match.

64′ – Off a free kick, Fernandez finds Vidal, who heads it back across goal. Vidal’s pass went right to Ponce, who was robbed at point blank range by the Honduran keeper. Save of the match, and possibly the last few days.

62′ – Alvarez was just called offside for Honduras. He was in line with the last Chilean defender, and the linesman blew it badly. Too bad as he was in a great position.

61′ – Valdivia just sent Sanchez in on the break, and Sanchez put his shot just wide left after getting his defender crossed up. Best chance of the second half so far.

59′ – Pavon is subbed off for Georgie Welcome. Pavon hasn’t done much so far in the match, so it seems reasonable to change things up a little.

56′ – Palacios just fouled Sanchez at the edge of the box with a stud to the top of the foot. Palacios is playing with fire, given that he already has a yellow. For some reason, the ref gave the ball to Honduras.

49′ – Every time Sanchez gets the ball down the right for Chile, Honduras is putting two defenders on him and sometimes backing them up with a third. Obviously, they see what the rest of us see; he’s really good with the ball at his feet.

46′ – It looks like Honduras has pushed someone else alongside Pavon at striker. We’ll see if it makes a difference.

Halftime thoughts: Chile have absolutely dominated play so far. They are keeping possession, yet pushing seven or eight players forward every time they get the ball and putting tremendous pressure on the Honduran defense.

Honduras, on the other hand, look nervous with the ball at their feet. When they have caught Chile bombing forward, they haven’t made them pay on the counter despite having good numbers on at least two occasions.

With the score only at 1-0, Chile don’t have nearly enough to show for their dominance. Honduras need to harness the counter and they could be back in this game in a hurry.

45′ – Nunez just put a 33-yard FK on target for Honduras. The Chilean GK was forced to push it over the bar. Easily Honduras best chance of the match so far.

43′ – In case my coverage is seeming a little Chile-focused, here’s why. Chile has had 63 percent of the possession so far. It would be interesting to see the percentage of time the ball has been on Honduras half of the field. My guess would be that it’s an even higher percentage.

I’m eager to see the extremely attacking 3-3-1-3 formation of Bielsa’s Chile push forward with reckless abandon. Honduras apparently plays a more defensive and counter-attacking style, so it should be a good matchup.

Both Suazos (David for Honduras and Humberto for Chile) were injured earlier, but it looks like Humberto may play.

Honduras may have another injury in Wilson Palacios, but we’ll see when the lineups are announced.

Chile is the clear favorite in this game having finished second in South American qualifying ahead of teams like Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. They also scored only one fewer goal than Brazil.

Honduras finished third behind the USA and Mexico and are not expected to compete very well in Group H, but anything is possible.

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